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Private Coaching & Mentoring with Angela James

Private Coaching & Mentoring with Angela James

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Unlock the door to personalized mentoring, career counseling, and invaluable industry insights.

Seize the opportunity to engage with an understanding industry expert dedicated to elevating your journey.

This is more than support; it's your stepping stone to success.

  • Ask questions, seek advice on agents, share your story ideas, career dilemmas, character development queries, or simply bounce ideas off me. I'm here to offer advice, feedback, and even a bit of reassurance when needed.
  • If you're navigating the search for an agent, wrestling with your career direction, or simply need an outlet to discuss the intricacies of publishing, consider this your own personal AMA (Ask Me Anything) session.
  • It's an opportunity for mentorship, career counseling, tapping into industry knowledge, and finding a sympathetic ear.
  • I've assisted authors in exploring new marketing strategies, plotting series, and unraveling storylines that have them stumped!
  • Our conversations will be tailored specifically to you, focusing on strategies that align with your career aspirations and objectives. And rest assured, all sessions are held in the strictest confidence.

Your choice of 3 options: 

  1. 30 minute Zoom video meeting ($150)
  2. 60 minute Zoom video meeting ($275)
  3. 60 minute Voxer text/voice messaging meeting ($150)



What do I get with the Zoom meeting?
Prior to the meeting, you'll receive suggestions for preparing for the meeting. A recording of the video call, should you wish the call to be recorded, will be provided for your private use. These recordings are maintained solely for your purpose and are not viewed by anyone else. Along with the call recording, a PDF with some high-level notes/takeaways from our conversation will be provided, along with any necessary links.

What do I get with the Voxer meeting?
Voxer is a text and voice messaging app and this option allows you time to ask a variety of questions, get responses, process the feedback and ask follow-up questions.

Note that Voxer also allows us both time to process and respond with answers, so this isn't a continuous back and forth conversation, but allows space for further thought and processing in between responses. This means it's not quite like a continuous 60 minute conversation and there will be time periods where I don't respond right away. it is not an immediate response conversation.

I will be available during the full 60 minutes, but there may be short delays in response while I think through your question/my answer and I would expect the same may be true for your responses!

The benefit of this option is not just the asynchronous nature of it, which gives time for processing, but also that you can easily review and highlight specific responses. Voxer will maintain your history of the chat for 30 days on the free plan (indefinitely if you have the Pro plan). A PDF with some high-level notes/takeaways from our conversation will be provided, along with any necessary links.

Additional information

  1. Full amount due upon scheduling. No refunds offered.
  2. You must book and use the service within 30 calendar days.
  3. You may re-schedule once within the 30 days.
  4. If you need to re-schedule a 2nd time, a $50 fee will be required for re-scheduling.
  5. If you do not reschedule ahead of time/are a no-show, there is a fee for re-booking of $50.
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