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Ready to be a Book Boss?

Over my 20 years in publishing I've edited more than 700 books and helped dozens of authors build their careers.

I want to show you how to get your book ready for submission or publication — and how to manage and grow your author career!

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"A Book Boss author empowers themself to take control of decisions for their writing business. They build a business around their life, not a life around their business, by prioritizing what's most important — dreams, values, success plan, family — to investing in and build a thriving, healthy career."

Editor, Publishing Expert and Author Career Specialist

  • "Honestly, [Angela's] feedback was incredible and invaluable, and now I know exactly how to fix a manuscript that was so/so but had potential. I haven't been this excited about writing in a while. Best writing advice I can give: find an editor you trust who can give you the insight you need to move forward with your stories and help you improve your craft."

    — Edith Lalonde, Author

  • "[I]f it wasn't for AJ, I wouldn't treat my business the way I do and I certainly wouldn't be in the headspace I'm in now if it weren't for her. Literally, meeting AJ and taking classes...and all the things in here are the reason I'm standing where I'm standing. And I can only continue to move forward...and up!"

    — Liv Macy, Author

  • "I learned to do my own copy editing (saving thousands per book) from Before You Hit Send, and my writer hubby does my proofreading (ditto about saving that money). I save thousands per book by doing my own line edits, and readers seem equally content."

    — Laura Navarre, Author