Angela, just teach me how to edit like a pro!


Before You Hit Send is my signature course and my #1 Bestseller.

Every Book Boss needs to be their own best editor, and BYHS teaches you how to do just that, from developmental editing to copy editing to line editing to proofreading.

Want More?

These premium products will help you Be a Book Boss!

Your Book's Pacing Demystified is a deep dive into the tricky topic of fiction pacing.

Deeper POV: Making the Reader-Character Connection is your ticket to deep POV that works for your story and your readers.

Build Your Own Bio is the only workshop you'll ever need to get your bios (yes, plural!) sorted.

EditMatch is a tool I created to help you work out what you need in an editor.

Short on time? These Quick Wins are for you!

Quick wins are great for getting momentum going:

AI for Authors teaches you to use AI tools like ChatGPT to organize your author career and get past roadblocks so you can get back to writing.

The Newsletter Mini-Course is your 7-day strategy for taking action on your author newsletter right now.

Eff the Writing "Rules" is for every author stuck in a web of other authors' rules!

10 Tips for Getting Your Manuscript Ready for Your Editor is our FREE guide to manuscript preparation so you can make the most of your editing experience.