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Get Your Book's Pacing Right!

Get Your Book's Pacing Right!

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In Pacing Demystified you'll learn to analyze your pacing and use action-ready strategies to make your book's pacing better right now.

Imagine reading your draft and being able to see exactly where your pacing isn't right, and know why and how to fix it.

Magic can happen in editing!

Pacing Demystified is a self-study online course covering every aspect of pacing in fiction, from a micro to a macro perspective.

  • With a strong practical emphasis, you'll learn concepts editors use to talk about pacing, and a powerful analytical strategy for seeing how your pacing is working.
  • Angela gives you the inside scoop on how professional editors identify and fix pacing issues.
  • And everything you learn in Pacing Demystified is repeatable, book after book, series after series.
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