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Before You Hit Send: Special Edition

Before You Hit Send: Special Edition

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The comprehensive self-editing course you've been looking for!

Before You Hit Send is New York Times #1 bestselling editor Angela James' signature editing course, teaching you comprehensive self-editing skills for all editing stages, from developmental editing through to proofreading. 

Before You Hit Send has one main goal: To teach you to edit your book better, faster and more efficiently in order to create a story that gains you reader fans, sells more and makes you more money.

With over $1000 worth of comprehensive editing lessons, Before You Hit Send guides you through developing an editing checklist that will transform the way you look at your writing.

You’ll go from fearing edits to embracing their possibilities — all because you know the power of being your own best editor!

Before You Hit Send includes these products:
The Editing Checklist ($97)
EditMatch ($9)
and Angela's favorite, the Dirty Dialogue webinar! ($20)

Not sold? Click here to read more about what you get in Before You Hit Send.

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