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Get It Done: Marketing

Get It Done: Marketing

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Book Boss® Get It Done toolkits give you the expert learning, resources, and support you need to take growth-focused and business-positive action in your author career.

Get It Done: Marketing teaches you how to connect with readers, tailor your marketing to your author brand, and manage your promotional activities. With real-world examples, you'll learn how to effectively use social media, newsletters, and other tools to boost your visibility and sales.

  • Develop a personalized marketing strategy that aligns with your author brand and connects deeply with your target audience.
  • Utilize your quarterly marketing template to organize and execute your promotional activities.
  • Harness the power of core marketing elements, including newsletters and social media, to enhance reader engagement and book visibility.
  • Embrace practical tips for content creation, from leveraging reader magnets to optimizing social media posts, without overwhelming your schedule.
  • Implement actionable steps tailored to different stages of your author journey, ensuring sustained growth and success in the competitive publishing landscape.

Join us to level up your author career through targeted, actionable marketing strategies!

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